Virtual Education Show

Event Programme

The Virtual Education show will provide you with access to:

Inspirational keynotes

From key influencers and

Educational seminar sessions

Engage and learn from
industry leaders

Extensive education suppliers

Find the best and latest on
the market

All accessed via our
virtual platform

Our innovative virtual platform will deliver a host of real-time features such as speaker Q&A, peer-to-peer chatstreams, detailed product information from school providers, one-to-one meeting bookings, instant messaging with exhibitors and visitors, plus on-demand sessions allowing you to revisit the content.

All designed to help you and your colleagues to resolve key challenges, share experiences with other school management teams and grasp the most effective opportunities for short and long-term improvement.

Conference Topics include

  • Health & Safety: Covid-19 Learnings and Future Policy Development
  • Remote Learning: Assessing the Impact on Student Performance
  • Mental Wellbeing for Students & Staff and Impacts from the Pandemic
  • School Workforce: Recruit, Retain, Recharge
  • Government Grading Proposals for 2021
  • SEND Update and Practical Guidance
  • Ofsted New Developments for 2021
  • Designing and Implementing a Connected, Supportive Curriculum
  • Inspiring the Next Generation
  • Safer Handling and Pupil Restraint
  • School Funding: What to Expect in the Next Three Years
  • Improving Parental Engagement
  • Cybersecurity and Safeguarding: What You Need to Know
  • Improving Attendance and Results through Technology
  • Procurement: Best Practice for Schools
  • Building a Fitter Generation

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