Henry Platten

CEO, GoBubble

Social Safeguarding: Keeping Kids Safe in an Age of ‘Likes’

Henry Platten

CEO, GoBubble

14.45 – 15.15

Practical easy to implement tactics for your school and classroom to help address the ever-present safeguarding headaches of pupils on social media. Hear from former Police Sergeant and Global Speaker, Henry Platten on his experience of dealing with online safety from the past 15 years. You will leave with tips for your school, including, the free GoBubble.School platform (now with more that 3500 registered schools in 70 countries).

Henry’s biog:

The multi award-winning entrepreneur and former Police Sergeant, is a leading voice in  the digital wellbeing community.

Henry’s innovative approach has benefited more than 1m children, through eCadets  and now GoBubble – a safer, healthier and kinder social media experience for kids. With  more than 3500 registered schools in 70 countries, teachers and students love it –  especially as It rewards and promotes kindness, (with children collecting points and  badges for the likes they give, not the ones they get).

GoBubble is safer, as it has their own child-centered content moderation software,  powered by machine learning (GoBubbleWrap). GoBubbleWrap checks all text, emoji,  photo, audio and video in realtime and in 14 other languages. The moderation  software is also licenced to other developers to make their platforms safer. GoBubble is  an alumni of the Dubai Future Foundation accelerator and won the Bett MEA award for  innovation, as well as Henry previously being awarded “Safeguarding Champion on the  Year.”

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